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We offer the ability to meet your schedule, so that we can install the Starlink Kit at your cottage, home or office. CONTACT US for availability and we will be happy to discuss your project requirements.

We specialize in all things network. We’ve focused our efforts on wireless networking and are therefore able to offer higher quality service and recommendations. Emerging trends in technology and ergonomics are making a strong network connection more necessary than ever.

Commitment to Service: Home Satellite Systems always keeps our client needs in mind, as they are the primary force driving our business. Home Satellite Systems is a business built on reputation and a main focus on building long-lasting customer relationships.

Starlink the Next Generation of Satellite Internet Technology that offers Fiber-Optic like Speeds to Rual Canadians!

Here are a couple of speed test from our Starlink connection – it is really FAST!

Speed Test Below Powered by

Speed Test Below Powered by (Netflix)

We Offer Professional Sight Surevys & Customized Starlink Installations

To Meet Your Residential or Commercial WiFi Needs!

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