Leasing Program 2002/2003

for Xplornet Business Members

New Xplornet Business Members can now take advantage of Cyber Lease's new hardware leasing program!

Hardware Leasing Options start
as low as
$36.52 per month*
Based on a 48 month leasing term

Xplornet™ "powered by DIRECWAY®" - 2 Way, High-Speed Internet Access to Businesses everywhere in Canada!

Power Your Business! Convenient hardware leasing options now available to new approved Xplornet business members.


Commercial Pricing*
Satellite Dish size
2-Way System (Retail)
Standard Install
Total Purchase
74 cm
1.2 M
1.8 M
$10.00 Buy Out Option (example only)*
Satellite Dish size
24 Months
36 Months
48 Months
Buy out at end of term
74 cm
1.2 M
1.8 M
$10.00 Buy Out Option (example only)*
Satellite Dish size
24 Months
36 Months
48 Months
Buy out at end of term
74 cm
1.2 M
1.8 M

*Offer, prices and rates are subject to change without notice. The commercial hardware leasing program is administered and operated by Cyber Lease Corporation, independently of Xplornet Communications Inc. Monthly lease payments shown are examples only, and do not include applicable taxes, airtime service fees or annual Industry Canada license fees. All transactions are subject to approval by Cyber Lease Corporation. Installation cost is based on a standard installation; additional installation charges may apply. The commercial hardware leasing program is only available to new Xplornet business members (business owners and consultants) purchasing a Xplornet airtime service package. The specific interest rate and cost of borrowing will vary dependant on the equipment purchase, monthly airtime term and the applicable interest rate at the time of purchase.


1. Review commercial hardware leasing options with your authorized Xplornet retailer.
2. Choose the commercial hardware leasing option (term and payout plan) that best suits your needs.
3. Complete the Commercial Credit Application (either online or via fax back form). Your Xplornet retailer can provide the form to you.
4. Make sure your retailer attaches estimate (Dollar amount and description) to form.
5. CYBER LEASE approves the application usually within 24 hours.
6. Dealer issues Bill of Sale and sends to CYBER LEASE (detailing list of equipment, Install cost, GST) PST- CYBER LEASE provides their PST #.
7. Once application is approved by Cyber Lease, Your Xplornet retailer will inform you and arrange installation.
8. Customer receives first leasing invoice from CYBER LEASE with GST and PST included (this will include first and last month’s payments).
9. Xplornet business customer receives a separate statement that will detail the monthly airtime service fee from Xplornet for either PowerON, 1, 2 or 3 Service level. The annual $75.00 license fee will aslo be included on your first Xplornet statement and will be applied yearly on your anniversary date of activation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can lease?
Any company, organizations or association. We do not lease equipment to an individual for personal use.

How can a business apply?
Contact your local authorized Xplornet retailer or Quick, easy and secure, apply on-line. CyberLeaseCorp.com; or fill out a credit application and fax back to 613 226-8091; or contact your leasing consultant at Cyber Lease @ 613 226-1065

Exactly what has to happen before I receive the equipment?
We review the credit information supplied on your application. Your leasing consultant reviews the process and documents with you. Documents are prepared. You read carefully, sign, date and return documents. The equipment is shipped.

How much does leasing cost?
Leasing is not expensive. Use our lease Calculator to determine your monthly lease payment, visit www.cyberleasecorp.com. Your monthly payment is determined by the options you decided upon. If you are asking how leasing effects your bottom line when compared to other options, consider a lease vs. loan vs. buy comparison.

How is the monthly payment calculated?
Monthly payment is determined by a Lease Rate Factor: a periodic rental payment to a lessor for the use of assets. Lease rate factor X equipment cost = your monthly payment.

When does the lease start?
When you verbally acknowledge that the equipment you ordered has been received and is in good working order.

How much do I have to pay up front?
A typical lease would require first and last payments in advance. Other options are available upon request. Call us. 613 226-1065.

How will I be billed?
You are not billed. Payments are made by pre-approved automatic debit deductions from your bank account for the hardware leasing portion of the service. You will receive a separate statement form Xplornet fo rthe monthly airtime service fee. The annual $75 license fee will also be included on your first statement from Xplornet and renewed automatically on your anniversary date of activation.

What are my options an end of lease?
Lessee has an option of stretch lease, balloon payment or $10.00 buyout at the end of the flexible lease term to own the equipment. Which option is best for you? Call your leasing expert @ 613 226-1065.

What if the equipment I receive has problems?
You will be contacted when your shipment arrives to ensure you receive exactly what your ordered. After your initial receipt of the equipment, your vendor will troubleshoot problems or replace equipment as defined in your warranty. Lessee receives benefits of all "buyer: warranties and is responsible for maintenance.

Who owns leased equipment?
The Leasing Company, as lessor, is the owner if leased equipment until you choose to purchase the equipment at the end of lease term.

May I end my lease early?
If your choose to end the lease early, you may. It is rare situation that would make terminating a lease during its term an advisable option. Early closing penalties may apply. We attempt to maximize your options with equipment upgrade programs. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer solutions that meet your needs.

If my company is new, can I still lease?
Yes, pending credit approval. A security deposit may be required. Contact your leasing consultant for complete detail at 613 226-1065.

What factors are used to determine credit worthiness?
The elements of lease application are: length of time in business, references from bank and trades, and D&B and credit bureau ratings.

Can equipment be purchased at the end of the lease?
Yes. Lessee owns the equipment at the end of the lease.

What about sales/use tax?
Your company is responsible for any and all sales/use taxes

Who services/maintains equipment?
Lessee. Lessee receives the benefit of "buyer" warranties

What about insurance?
To protect both leasing Company and Lessee, insurance is required on all leased equipment. Insurance protection can be included with your lease for a nominal fee.

How does Lessee account for the lease?
The options you choose up front may have tax and accounting implications. Talk to our leasing experts and your accountant to determine the best option(s) for you.

What effect does leasing have on Lessee's bank line of credit?
With a lease no money is borrowed. Your bank line is unaffected.

If I have questions during the term of my lease or loan, whom do I contact?
Contact Cyber Lease directly. Your leasing consultant is standing by during regular business hours (613) 226-1060, to answer any questions, or e-mail us with your inquiry at www.cyberleasecorp.com.

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