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Globalstar - Satellite Portable Phone

GSP 1700

Starting at $995.00

The Globalstar GSP-1700, the smallest and lightest Globalstar satellite phone, adds ergonomic design for even more user comfort and convenience. The antenna, when held in a vertical position, communicates with the constellation of Globalstar satellites. It also rotates and stows into the handset when not in use for more compact carrying.
Globalstar GSP 1700

A newly designed display for excellent visibility in bright conditions, is one of the many new features available with the GSP-1700. Weighing in at only 200g and measuring just 135mm x 55mm x 37mm*, the GSP-1700 is easy to travel with – no matter what the terrain or conditions. The antenna, when held in a vertical position, communicates with the Globalstar satellite at elevations more than 10 degrees above the horizon. It also rotates and stows into the handset when not in use for more compact carrying.

Globalstar/ IS-95/ AMPS Tri-Mode
Globalstar - Satellite Portable Phone
 Globalstar Hand Portable Phone - Tri-Mode
Starting at $849.00

Globalstar Tri-Mode phones from QUALCOMM are designed with the flexibility to meet the needs of cellular users who require service everywhere, but find themselves in areas where cellular coverage is either unavailable or inaccessible. The smallest satellite unit in the world provides all the latest features in a compact cellular style handset that will deliver great voice quality wherever it is needed.

The Globalstar/ IS-95/ AMPS Tri-Mode User Terminal offers a global roaming solution for AMPS/IS-95 cellular phone users. Globalstar enhances wireless service options by providing worldwide digital cellular-like services in areas outside traditional cellular coverage. Inside the cellular AMPS or IS-95 Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) digital coverage area, the Globalstar subscriber could continue to use the land based services. Even in the areas not served by cellular services, the subscriber is ensured access to reliable, cost effective, world class mobile communication available from Globalstar.

Need to drive with your phone?
For mobile subscribers, a vehicle mounted car kit is available. The Globalstar handheld unit can be mounted in a cradle that provides power to extend battery life and a hands-free operation for convenience and driving safety.


Dimensions: 177(H) x 57(W) x 48(D) mm

Weight: 370 grams

Battery time Globalstar: 3.5 hour talk time / 18 hours standby

Battery time CDMA: 4.5 hours talk time / 72 hours standby

Battery time AMPS: 2.5 hours talk time / 14 hours standby

Display: 4 lines of 12 characters + 1 line of icons

Power source (battery): Polymer Lithium Ion battery


* Satellite coverage
* Automatic mode select
* Compatibility with existing AMPS and CDMA 800 MHz cellular networks
* Superior digital voice quality
* Reliable service

*Plans are based on a 12-month contract. Early de-activation of the contract will result in a cancellation fee. Bundled voice and data minutes are applicable only for Canadian in-country usage. Airtime billing is based on a one-minute minimum and 30-second increments. All Canadian calls include terminated long distance in Canada and the U.S. International roaming charges apply to all calls placed outside North America. International roaming charges and International long distance charges may vary depending on foreign taxes and tariffs from individual countries. Please see End User Terms and Conditions for all details concerning subscription to the Globalstar system. All price plans are subject to all Canadian local, provincial and federal taxes. Globalstar reserves the right to modify any price plan without notice.

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